Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

South Rome Redevelopment

The South Rome Redevelopment Corporation Board of Directors works to facilitate the implementation of the South Rome Redevelopment Master Plan by working with:

  • City of Rome and Floyd County governments
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • Other non-profits
  • For-profit developers

South Rome Redevelopment Corporation Mission Statement:

To achieve redevelopment in South Rome through homeownership, affordable housing choices, educational opportunities, active community involvement, leadership, and appropriate economic development.

South Rome Redevelopment Corporation Vision Statement:

The South Rome Redevelopment Corporation is dedicated to ensuring that South Rome is a clean, safe, vibrant and beautiful community as well as a pleasant place to live, work, worship, and learn.

S. Rome RedevelopmnetSouth Rome Redevelopment Corporation

South Rome encompasses a 2.2 square mile area which includes a cross section of many different formal institutions. From the stately Myrtle Hill Cemetery and the Coosa Country Club on the northern end to Darlington School, South Rome’s greatest asset is its diversity.

South Rome Entrepreneur Series: For information see flyer