Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Superior Court - Judicial Services

This page provides links to the Floyd County Court System. A brief explanation of each court is provided.

Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction. The court has exclusive, constitutional authority over felony cases, prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office, cases regarding title to land, divorce, and equity, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warrant and prohibition, and adoptions. Except for certain probate or juvenile matters, this court may exercise jurisdiction over other cases concurrently with the limited jurisdiction courts. This court is authorized to correct errors made by lower courts by issuing certiorari and, for some lower courts, the right to direct review by this court applies.
2021 Superior Court Calendar

Magistrate Court encompasses civil claims of $15,000 or less, county ordinance violations, applications for and issuance of arrest and search warrants, preliminary hearings, dispossessory writs, and distress warrants. No jury trials are held in this court. Appeals from this court are made to the Superior court.

Probate Court exercises jurisdiction in the probate of wills, the administration of estates, the appointment of guardians, and the involuntary hospitalization of incapacitated adults and other dependent individuals. This court also administers oaths of office and issues marriage licenses, gun permits and hears certain traffic cases.

Juvenile Court exercises jurisdiction in cases involving delinquent, unruly, and deprived children under 17. Juvenile court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Superior courts involving traffic offenses, capital offenses, custody, child support cases, and termination of parental rights.