Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome

Rome Water & Sewer

Department Overview

To create new water account, or call about a bill, or make payment arrangements or bill adjustments:
Call Water Billing: 706-236-4440
Or come to 601 Broad Street

Methods of Payment: Bank Draft, Personal Checks, Cash, Credit Card

Drive-thru window, night deposit drop box, in-person, automatic draft, and on-line payments are available for customer use.

New Accounts: Must be at least 18 years of age.
To establish new service, transfer service, or discontinue service please email request to . Please include a copy of your picture id and first page of the lease or proof of ownership.

Water/Sewer Bills: 10% penalty assessed to all bills if not paid within 14 days. Cut-off date printed on all bills with a previous balance.

Fees: will be charged for NSF/closed account checks, broken locks, meter tampering, cut-offs for non-payment, and damages to water meter or electronic devices connected with automated meter reading system.

Leak Adjustments: A maximum of two adjustments may be given for a leak. Only the sewer charge is adjusted and customer must present proof that leak has been repaired before the adjustment.


Sewer Stop Up – Sewer Manhole Overflow - Water Leak – Water Main Break – Discolored
Water – Fire Hydrant Leak – Apply for a new connection to water and sewer systems for both residential and commercial:
Call  the Water Dept Operations Center: 706-236-4560

Taps: Anyone needing a water, sewer, or fire tap must first call 706-236-4560 to make an application and receive approval before the tap/taps can be bought and information forwarded to the Service Department for installation.

Garbage Pickup: New customers within the city will arrange for their garbage pickup at the time they apply for water service. Any future changes must be done directly through the Solid Waste Department. 706-236-4580

What to do if you have a water or sewer emergency:
If you have an emergency, whether it's water or sewer related, and it's after our regular hours of  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or on a weekend or holiday, what do you do?

You can use the myRome app available for Android or Apple, or you call 706-236-4560. The call will go to the filter plant and they will take your information and contact the foreman on call. Do not send an email. The fastest way to get a response is by calling 706-236-4560.


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