Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome

Rome Police Department - Divisions

Rome Police K-9 Unit

The Rome Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of two certified police officers and their canine partners. Each K-9 Team maintains two national canine certifications, which ensures they are held to a high standard while providing services to the citizens of Rome, Georgia. The unit is assigned to the Field Operations Division and is managed by a prior K-9 Handler holding supervisory status.

The mission of the K-9 Unit is to be the model of excellence in law enforcement for superior services involving the use of canines. The K-9 Unit strives for peace and safety by maintaining high visibility within the community, thereby suppressing the occurrence of crime. We maintain the trust and confidence of all people in the community by conducting K-9 Demonstrations that display the high level of training endured by our handlers and canines. The K-9 Unit strives to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Rome, Georgia by tracking lost/missing persons and fugitive criminals, locating illegal drugs and evidentiary items discarded by offenders, and providing a supportive tool for other officers and neighboring agencies.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division, under the Support Services Bureau, consists of seven investigators, a crime scene/evidence custodian, an administrative assistant, a case file clerk and a GCIC Technician. The Division is supervised by a Captain, Lieutenant and a Sergeant.

One of the investigators is designated as Juvenile Officer, who was instrumental in the creation of the local Child Abduction Response Team (CART).  This team was recognized as the first police department in the state to received CART certification. The Division has two investigators who specialize in arson investigations, and one investigator specializes in Elder Abuse, and one who has specialized training in Internet Crime against Kids (ICAK). The department has three Polygraph Examiners with one dedicated to CID.

The Division is charged with investigating crimes against persons and property crimes. Crimes against a person are incidents such as homicide, assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, child abuse, child molestation and elder abuse. Property crimes are theft, burglary, arson, forgery and other types of fraud. The Division also investigates pawn shop and alcohol violations.

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Division is to strive for excellence and professionalism by providing compassion and understanding while conducting timely and thorough investigations.

Rome Police Training Division

The training center staff is comprised or four full time police officers. Training Director, Assistant Training Director, Departmental Training Officer and the Drug Prevention Officer. More about training

Rome Police Patrol Division

Uniform Patrol is staffed and manned to render general public safety assistance to those who live, work and play in Rome Georgia. The principal responsibility of Uniform Patrol is to provide twenty-four hour protection and services for the citizens of and visitors to the City of Rome. In addition, they act to prevent the occurrence of street crimes through visible preventive patrol; to respond rapidly to all requests of an emergency nature; to respond to motor vehicle accidents and render aid to victims; to assist citizens in dealing with legal, medical, social or humanitarian problems through direct crisis intervention; and to improve law enforcement and community relations through increasing the quality and quantity of contact between citizens and the Rome Police Department through our COP Program. Officers of the Uniform Patrol Division respond to every call for service.

Selective Enforcement Unit

The Selective Enforcement Unit of the Rome Police Department is comprised of specially trained officers who serve the community through traffic education and enforcement efforts, DUI suppression, and school security and student awareness programs. These officers are assigned as Motor Units, DUI Task Force, Accident Reconstruction Team, Bicycle Units, and School Resource Officers. These efforts are carried out in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety mobilization periods. The unit is also responsible for the organizing, planning, and execution of a large variety of community oriented events.

The goal of the Selective Enforcement Unit is to induce motorist to drive safely. To achieve this goal, we combine intensive enforcement of a specific traffic safety law, extensive communication, education, and outreach informing the public about the enforcement activity.

Office of Professional Standards

The Rome Police Department maintains an Office of Professional Standards.  It is most commonly referred to by its acronym “O.P.S.” This office has a wide range of responsibilities. It is under the direction and control of the Chief of Police. The Office of Professional Standards is staffed by a Captain and the department’s Accreditation Manager. 

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for coordination and maintenance of the following Departmental operations:

Internal Investigations, coordination of the departmental complaint process, assisting with background investigations for the employee selections process, coordination of the department’s grievance process, coordination of the department’s promotion process, coordination and processing of requests for extra/off-duty employment, coordination of the department’s disciplinary process, Management of the Commission for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) and the Georgia State Law Enforcement Certification Program, coordination of the departmental early warning system, processing Open Records requests, auditing all departmental cash accounts on a quarterly basis, reviewing Incident Reports and Use of Force daily, reviewing all Vehicle Pursuits, random review of in-car video recordings, and review of all police vehicle accidents.