Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome

Rome Engineering Services

eng 4The Rome Engineering Services Department provides broad support through its interaction with all other areas of the City of Rome workforce. The Engineering staff performs boundary surveys, field surveys for water, sewer and road construction, as well as utilizing GPS technology to locate city infrastructure and incorporating that data into the GIS mapping system. Field Work is compiled utilizing comptuer aided design software to produce working drawings for approximately 450 control station records utilized for vertical and horizontal control. 

Other services provided include:

  • Development plan review (706) 378-3846
  • City address assignments & information (706) 378-3842
  • Final Plat review (within city) (706)378-3842
  • Utility maps, roadway maps, easement drawings (706)378-3846
  • City Street right-of-way width information

The extensive files in the Engineering Department contain detailed maps of the majority of the City, most of which is now available to the public in digital format on  our digital references page. Miscellaneous historical survey plats are also available here.

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