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project lifesaver

How can you protect your loved one living with dementia or cognitive impairment? Email us and one of our officers can discuss options available to you. 

   The Floyd County Police Department shares the fears of families when their loved ones go missing and cannot be found. That is why we have taken proactive steps to help families feel more secure knowing that we can find their vulnerable loved ones when they wander from home.

In 2019 we partnered with Project Lifesaver and purchased the technology that has been proven effective. Project Lifesaver is the brand name for a non-profit business located in Virginia that offers radio transmitter technology to families with a person living with dementia, autism or any cognitive impairment that may cause them to wander from home.

The system is completely voluntary and is open to any family with a loved one who lives with dementia or a cognitive impairment. The transmitter is the size of a watch that can be worn on either the ankle or wrist.

Specially trained officers will be dispatched at the time a call is given to respond to the last known location of the person who wandered away. FCPD has two handheld devices and two vehicle mounted antenna to help us detect a signal if the person wanders farther away than expected.

ProjectLifesaver 1Studies have shown that 6 in 10 people who live with dementia will wander away from home at some point, regardless of the high quality of care and attention they are receiving. 

The cost to families is $375, which goes toward the purchase of equipment. The Area Agency on Agency has been very gracious in their support and has also invested in several transmitters which are available to persons age 60 and over. You can contact the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging by calling 800-759-2963

Over the past couple years the police department has responded to at least six incidents in which the device could have been used to locate a person. Those incidents resulted in hours of search by officers on foot and by vehicle, use of search K9, helicopter and sheriff posse resources. 

Our hope is that we can have better success in finding people alive by using Project Lifesaver.

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