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Neighborhood Watch

neighborhood watchCommunities that watch out for one another and who are vigilant observers are the secret weapon against crime. 

Neighborhood watch is a group from the community who joins together to be on guard and watch out for one another. You have a vested interest in the home and property where you live, and the shared interest of a community can be a huge resource to investigators looking for clues or seeking evidence. 

A group doesn't have to be 20 or 50 people. Your neighborhood watch can be as few as four families who live on the block. 

The "See Something, Say Something" idea is nothing new in local neighborhoods. Communities with a strong neighborhood watch stay in touch with one another and communicate about suspicious or unusual activity near their homes. You are the eyes and ears of police. 

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Words of Wisdom

  • Lock your doors and remove valuables from your car. Practice the 9pm Routine. 
  • Take notice of suspicious activity or new vehicles in the area.
  • Surveillance cameras are cheap and high quality. Placing one inside your home and on the exterior can help police solve your case. 
  • Meet your neighbors and get to know them. Talking about activity helps spread the word before something happens. 

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