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New Process for GIS Requests

The GIS office now takes GIS requests through the same helpdesk system used by Technology Services. This process will help us to qualify and quantify all GIS processes while also ensuring requests are being handled in a timely manner. Outlined below are the steps for submitting a GIS request through helpdesk.

Create a new email with in the To line.

Type “GIS” in the Subject line.

Then, explain what you need in the text section and send the email. Please be as specific as possible in your request; such as size and type of media, expected time of delivery, and any other information you wish to include. A GIS ticket will be generated and assigned. I will follow up with questions or other information related to your request. Thank you for your patience as we work toward improving our process.

Deeds and Plats

Please contact the deed room at 706-291-5159 or 706-314-1858 for copies of deeds or plats.

Map Viewer

We have two links below that will take you to the Map Viewer. If the links aren't working you can also copy and paste the URL into your browser as an alternative way to access the Map Viewer.
Map Viewer (
Map Viewer (

This site is maintained by Atlas Geographic Data, Inc. using data maintained by the Rome/Floyd County GIS Department.
If this site does not open correctly, clear your internet/browser history.

The new parcel viewer is intended as a beginning step in the replacement process for the old GIS site. You will notice that not all layers are included in the new parcel viewer. You will soon see additional mapping applications here that will allow you to see the missing layers. These applications will be organized using layers with similar characteristics, such as Water/Sewer, Voting, Special Districts, etc. We believe this will give our users better response times, better information, and make it easier to find specific items. We greatly appreciate the patience and support you have shown us as we navigated through this trying time. As always, your suggestions are much appreciated!

Web Mapping Applications

These apps are designed to operate on traditional desktop PC's, as well as, tablets and smartphones, and are for informational purposes only. Rome/Floyd County Planning Department endeavors to ensure that all data are as accurate as possible. However, we can not be held liable for errors in the data and assume no legal responsibility for the data or it's usage. Users are responsible to verify any information represented in these applications.

Application Name Application (Click the icon below to open) Map Layers
Map Viewer
(Last updated: May 2021)
Map Viewer Parcels, City/County Boundaries, Addresses, Tax Data, Water Features, Historic Districts, Zoning, FEMA Flood Zones, Roads, Imagery
Public Fire App
(Last updated: January 2020)
Public Fire App Fire Stations, Hydrants, Parcels, 1st Response Zones, Imagery
Tripper Routes
(Last updated: August 2019)
City Schools and Districts, Tripper Routes and Stops, Imagery
Communication Towers
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Comm Tower App Communication Towers, Towers Owned by Floyd County, Roads, Zoning, City/County Boundaries, Imagery
Unified Land Development Code
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the ULDC App Zoning, Imagery, Brief overview of all zoning categories in the ULDC.
Elections Click here for the Elections App Polling Locations, City Wards, Zip Codes, Voting Precincts, Georgia House Districts, Imagery
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Environmental App Boat Ramps, Stream Gauges, Caves, Parcels, Roads, Railroads, Water Features, Contours, Parks, FEMA Flood Zones and Elevations, Wetlands, City/County Boundaries, Imagery
Zoning and Rezoning
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Rezoning App Rezoning Cases, Parcels, Zoning, Roads, Imagery
Water and Sewer
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Water and Sewer App City/County Boundaries, Hydrants, Roads, Parcels, Water Mains, Sewer Mains, Sewer Manholes, Imagery
Special Districts
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Special Districts App Roads, Rivers, Parcels, Tax Allocation District (TAD), River Overlay Zoning District, Local Opportunity Zone, Federal Opportunity Zone, Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Business Improvement District (BID), Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ), Imagery
Development Zones
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the Development Zones App Roads, Rivers, Parcels, South Rome and East Rome Redevelopment Areas, Local Redevelopment Area, Imagery
MS4 Storm Drainage System
(Last updated: August 2019)
Click here for the MS4 Storm Drainage System App Roads, City Boundary, Parcels, Storm Water Structures and Lines, Imagery
Public Works
(Last updated: July 2020)
Click here for the Public Works App Storm Water Structures, Storm Water Lines, Sanitation Sites, Bridges, Streams, Roads, Railroads, Rivers
Historic Districts
(Last updated: September 2020
Click here for the Historic Districts App Historic Districts, Parcels, Historic Survey

Applications Coming Soon

Land Use

What is GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Geographic Information System (GIS) division houses and maintains spatial and tabular information about various items in Rome and Floyd County. Under the direction of the GIS Administrator, the Department assimilates data from various City and County Departments and publishes them as an aggregate entity. The data are used by other Departments and the Public to verify important information about locations in Rome and Floyd County, such as Zoning, Property Information, City Limit Boundary, etc.. Analysis of the data is also performed to check for various government related functions on an as needed basis.

Data Types

The Rome and Floyd County GIS uses ESRI software to create and maintain its geographic data. All data are stored as either ArcGIS Shapefile or Geodatabase files. Databases in various other file formats, such as dbase, Access or Excel are also linked to the spatial data. Raster data are stored as georeferenced TIFF, MrSID or JPEG format files. All data that originates from the department are in Datum NAD83 Feet, State Plane Coordinates, Zone Georgia West or WGS1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere).

Data Availability

GIS data is available via our website to the public. Bulk or customized distribution of data to other GIS professionals will be considered on a case by case basis. Please see the fee schedule for pricing of digital data and printed maps.

Click Here for Maps and Other Links

GIS Fee Schedule
Printed Maps
ANSI-E 34x44 $25.00
ANSI-D 22x34 $20.00
ANSI-B 11x17 $15.00
ANSI-A 8.5x11 $10.00
Digital Format CD, Flash Drive, Email, etc... $  5.00
GIS Data
Countywide Shapefile Per Layer $500.00