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Floyd County

Frequently Asked Questions

How does he get a job?

The Work Release Center has partnered with several employers that hire our residents. If a resident meets the qualifications and there is a position open, then he will be offered a job with that company. The WRC also offers OSHA safety certification for all residents that wish to take the class. We also have computers at the center that the residents may use to fill out applications online.  

How will he get to work?

The WRC will provide transportation for residents within a certain mile radius. Transportation charges are deducted from the residents account.  Qualified residents may also drive themselves to work if they have a valid driver’s license and current insurance on the vehicle.


Can he keep his job once he is released?

Yes. All residents are encouraged to maintain their current employment once they are released.


Where do his paychecks go?

The resident’s paycheck will come directly to the WRC. We set up an account for each resident and pay any court fines/fees or child support that has been court ordered to pay. If he has the available funds in his account, the resident is allowed to request up to $50 cash as a weekly allowance to use on the vending machines, payphones, etc. The resident is also allowed to send any available funds home to his family. Family members may pick up the checks at the WRC Business Office. Room and board is also automatically deducted from their account every week. Room and board is $20 per day. Any money that is left after all fines, fees, and deductions have been paid is given to the resident on the day that he is released.



The WRC does not have visitation; we have home passes. Each resident is given 2 home passes per month once he is employed. Home passes are given on Sundays from 10am – 3 pm. Residents must be picked up at the center and then returned at 3 pm. If you are going to be picking up a resident for a home pass or to drive him to work you will need to fill out a one-time alternate driver form and we will need to make a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card on the vehicle.

Can I bring him money?

Residents are allowed to have up to $50 cash on them at all times for use on the vending machines and phones. You can bring up to $50 cash to a resident anytime during business hours which are Monday – Thursday 9-4pm and Friday 9-2pm. You may also put money on a residents account. This money is used to pay fines/fees, child support and room & board. The resident can also use the money in his account to order from the commissary. The commissary offers hygiene items and grocery items.