Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Work Details


Floyd County Prison offenders provide a workforce to enhance the operation of the county. The Detail Section at Floyd County Prison covers a wide array of detail assignments. On any given day, 250-300 state prisoners are working on various assignments in Floyd County.
From skilled labor, such as mechanics and welders, to others that do not require skills, such as litter patrols, the offenders are typically required to work forty hours a week. In all, Floyd County Prison has sixty two different details that work outside the prison’s guard line. This labor force saves Floyd County taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Last year, details from the prison collected 2,968 bags of litter from the county’s roadsides and turned in 27,040 pounds of materials to the Recycle Center to be recycled.
We also have work details for prison sanitation, kitchen, laundry and maintenance of prison grounds and equipment.




tire shop

inmate-animal control