Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Investigations Division


Investigations is a division that falls under the Special Operations umbrella. The Investigations Division is supervised by the Deputy Warden of Security.

The Investigations Division currently has two employees. Both investigators are dual certified as correctional officer and mandated peace officers.

Our division conducts investigations for the Prison and Work Release Center.

The following are duties that the Investigations Division covers:

• Internal Affairs

        • Internal complaints and accusations

        • Fact finding investigations

• Criminal Investigations

        • Personal dealing with offenders by employees

        • Contraband introductions and drops on work details.

        • Criminal law violations

        • Criminal prosecution

• Gang monitoring and validation

• Monitor offender’s phone conversations and emails

• Intake of all new offenders that arrive at our facility

• Sexual Assault Response Team

• Organize and execute institutional and offender work detail shakedowns

• Team member of the Fire program

• Crisis Intervention Team

• Maintain Armory equipment and accountability

• Handle all high risk transport of offenders

• Manage the pistol competition team

• Conduct drug and alcohol analysis

• Assist with annual, specialized and firearms qualification training