Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Floyd County Water - Water Billing Information

Bills are Due Monthly

Payments due from 1st thru 15th, after which a 10% penalty is added.
SECOND NOTICES WILL NOT BE SENT. The disconnect date will be printed at the bottom of your bill. If you have not received your bill by the tenth of the month, it is the customer's responsibility to contact our billing office for the amount due. Bills that become 30 days delinquent will be subject to services being disconnected without further notice.
Services disconnected for non-payment will be turned on the following business day after receipt of payment and fees.

Methods of Payment

  • Bank Draft --- application for bank draft
  • Credit Cards --- Visa or MasterCard
  • Walk-ins or drive-through at office, mail or night deposit
  • From the 1st through 10th of the month bills may be paid at Citizen's First and Sun Trust Bank (all branches)

We do not accept counter checks, two-party checks or payroll checks.
No adjustments will be made to accounts unless such request is accompanied by a copy of a plumber’s bill or receipt showing purchase of parts for repair made.
There is a $30 fee for all returned checks. If the returned check was written for a deposit or reconnect fee, the services will be discontinued immediately and a reconnect fee will be charged to restore services.

Cut off non-payment $50
Meter removed for non-payment $150
Broken lock fee $100
Broken cut off $100
Normal/Typical meter installation 5/8" by 3/4" $1600
1" $1800

Customers turning water back on after water has been disconnected for non-payment of bills or deposit are subject to prosecution for unauthorized reinstatement of services.


Deposits shall be refunded, less any sums due for charges upon discontinuance or termination of services. However, the depositor may request the refund in writing at the end of two years service and receive the refund if it is determined that the account has been paid in good order prior to the time of request.