Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Floyd County Engineering - Subdivision Development

The residential subdivision development process is comprised of four primary phases:

  • Preliminary Plat Approval
  • Development Plans Approval
  • Final Plat Approval
  • Construction Inspection

Article Six (6) of The Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) of Floyd County and The City of Rome outlines the requirements for plat/plan development, plan submittal, and the approval process for each phase. The procedures for design and approval of private subdivisions are the same as those for subdivisions with public improvements.

All subdivision development plans and specifications must be submitted to the Floyd County Engineering Department for review and approval prior to the issuance of a Land Disturbance permit. Ten (10) sets of plans with specifications and reports are required for this submittal. The Engineering Department will forward portions of the development plans to other city/county departments as part of the review and approval process as applicable.

Sewer plans and specifications are reviewed and approved by The City of Rome Engineering Department. Water plans and specs are renewed and approved by The Floyd County Water Department. Erosion and Sediment control plans are reviewed and approved by The City of Rome Building Inspection Department. All other plans are reviewed and approved by the Floyd County Engineering Department. The developer/owner will be notified of required revisions and must coordinate such revisions with the respective reviewing department.

Approval of the development plans and specifications by Floyd County shall not imply of transfer acceptance of responsibility for the application of the principles of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture or any other profession, from the professional, corporation or individual under whose hand or supervision the plans were prepared.

The Floyd County Engineering Department will conduct inspections of all construction activities to include storm drainage and detention pond construction, grading, roadway sub-grade construction, curb and gutter construction, roadway base construction, and paving construction. All inspection requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to planned inspections. Approval must be given on all phases of construction prior to acceptance by Floyd County.

Approval of construction activities by Floyd County shall not imply or transfer acceptance of responsibility for construction activities, techniques or constructed infrastructure from the owner/developer, contractor, or any other corporation or individual completing work on behalf of the owner/developer.

A final plat must be prepared and submitted to the Floyd County Engineering Department when all construction activities are completed and approved. Ten (10) copies of the final plat must be submitted by the 2nd Monday of each month to be presented at the following months Planning Commission Meeting, which is the 1st Thursday of each month. The ULDC details the requirement for the final plat review process. Following approval from the Planning Commission, the final plat can be recorded and lots may be sold.