Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Floyd County District Attorney

Description of Services Provided: The mission of the Floyd County District Attorney is to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia, to preserve the safety of the public, to protect the rights of crime victims, and to pursue justice for all citizens with skill, honor and integrity. Our Goal is to provide fair, effective and expeditious prosecution of crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies, in Floyd County.

Frequently Requested Documents:

1. What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by a period of up to one year. A felony is a more serious crime that is punishable by a period of imprisonment longer than a year.

2. I have received a subpoena. What do I need to do?

A subpoena is an order directing you to “lay all other business aside” and be present at the time and place stated. You may receive your subpoena by mail or in person. Your presence may not be required. Call the District Attorney's Office at the number listed on the bottom of the subpoena to be placed "on call." You must leave both a day and nighttime phone numbers where you can be reached during trial week. If you are placed "on call", do not come to the courthouse unless someone from the D.A.'s office or a law enforcement agency calls you. If you have a scheduling conflict for your subpoena date contact the A.D.A. assigned to the case as soon as possible.

3. Where do I park? 

Parking is provided in the Law Enforcement Center Parking Garage directly across the street from the Courthouse. Location Map.

4. How do I contact the Public Defender’s office? 

The Rome Circuit Public Defender Office is located in the Floyd County Administrative Building at
12 East Fourth Avenue, Suite 10
Rome, Georgia 30l6l
P: 706-234-0975
F: 706-234-0978

5. Can I speak to an Assistant District Attorney before my court appearance?

Yes, but you will need to contact the office to schedule an appointment. If you are a defendant and are represented by an attorney the District Attorney’s Office cannot communicate with you directly outside the presence of your attorney. 

6. I cannot reach my attorney. Can I speak to the DA’s office myself? 

No. If you are a defendant and are represented by an attorney the District Attorney’s Office cannot communicate with you directly outside the presence of your attorney. Please make arrangements with your attorney to speak with the District Attorney's Office.

7. My address has changed since my arrest. What do I need to do? 

You will need to fill out a Change of Address Form at the DA’s Office. You must do this in person and bring a picture ID. 

8. My driver’s license was affected by my charges. What do I need to do? 

Contact the Department of Driver Services at 1(866) 754-3687. They will advise you on the steps necessary to regain your license. The District Attorney’s office has no control over license suspensions or reinstatements. 

9. How can I get a copy of the disposition of my case? 

The Floyd County Clerk of Superior Court's office can provide certified copies of court documents. They are located at Floyd County Judicial Building 3 Government Plaza P.O. Box 946 Rome, GA 30162 P: 706-291-5190 F: 706-291-5248

10. I think a crime has been committed. How do I press charges?

You must first contact a law enforcement agency such as your local police department or sheriff's office to report the crime. An investigator should be able to direct you on how to proceed.

11. I want to drop charges. How do I do that?

You may contact the Assistant District Attorney handling your case to discuss your concerns. While your feelings will be considered, the District Attorney's Office may decide to prosecute any case in the best interest of the State of Georgia.