Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome

Fire Department - Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division inspects all business, commercial, industrial and high occupancy multi-family apartment complexes.
The division is responsible for:
- Inspecting and enforcing all life safety codes
- Investigating the origin of the fire, origin cause and arson related cases

Fire and Life Safety Education 

Educating the public is the most effective way to prevent the devastating effects of fires and other injuries and to introduce strategies to deal with these emergencies.
To accomplish this goal, the Rome-Floyd County Fire Department delivers fire and life safety education for the residents and businesses of Rome and Floyd County. 

The following programs are conducted by Rome-Floyd County Fire & Life Safety Educators. 

Education Programs

* Friendly Firefighter Program 
Introduces young children to firefighters and how a firefighter looks in turn-out gear in a non-emergency environment. 
The students are taught by educators and firefighters how to “Get Low and Go” and escape a smoky room. Picture games with “It’s Hot – It’s Not” and age appropriate videos and songs are also used as teaching tools 

*Fifth Grade Fire Prevention at Level 5 Program
Since 1976, the Rome-Floyd County Fire Department has taught Fire Prevention at Level Five, a 5th grade fire prevention course in area schools. Currently, we are teaching in all of the public and private elementary schools in Rome and Floyd County and Georgia School for the Deaf in Cave Spring and area Home Schools.  

* Fire Extinguisher / General Fire Safety Training:
Using a simulated fire extinguisher system, we will show you the proper way to hold and use an extinguisher. This program does not use live fire. General fire safety will include looking for and knowing how to correct hazards and fire risk in the home with a focus on kitchen and electrical safety. 

*Care Giver- 3 Hour and 2 Hour Refresher Course:
This course is to provide basic information about fire safety to adults working with occupants in “group day-care homes”, “day-care centers”, and for administrator’s, directors, operators and all staff of Group I-1 and Group R-4 assisted living communities, assisted living facilities, community living arrangements, memory care units, personal care homes, and residential board and care homes so they may provide the occupants of their facility with at least a minimum level of protection from fire and the potential risks associated with fire.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, the participant will be provided a Caregiver Certificate from the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office.    

If the program you need is not listed below please contact us and we can create a program to meet your needs. Contact: 706-236-4540