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FCPD Works: Serving our neighbors with compassion

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   Our officers believe strongly in family and in the ethic of "love thy neighbor." So when there is a need in our community our officers work hard to bring hope. 

   FCPD Works began from the inspiration of one officer who responded to a 911 call following a family disturbance. Once on scene he saw a need and extended an offer to help. Our officers volunteered to meet one Saturday, and with the help of our gracious community and merchants we were able to return a bit of dignity to an elderly couple. 

   In another case our investigators responded to a nuisance complaint. After a bit of follow up they realized the person was in poor health and was unable to resolve the issues related to waste and litter. 

   Our FCPD Works team met over a three day weekend to clean and make the home more livable for the man who was suffering from a number of illnesses. 

   We are grateful for the many donations from our community and the merchant partners who lend us equipment and services at no cost to make our program successful. 

Media Coverage
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