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The county police department has 80 positions for sworn peace officers, plus four civilian employees who are responsible for administrative and clerical duties. Our agency is the primary police service in the unincorporated area of Floyd County. 

Officers respond to E911 calls for service, citizen complaints as well as self-initiated investigations by our officers who witness crime or believe an illegal act is in progress. 

The Floyd County Police Department has a history of more than 100 years and we are proud of our reputation in Northwest Georgia. Our criminal clearance rates well surpass the national average and our community outreach make us a leader in this area. 

We are a family. We take pride in our relationships with officers and the bonds that form here last a lifetime. We want to hear more from you so contact our recruiting officer by EMAIL.

Benefits Offered by Floyd County 

  • Starting pay for non-certified officers is $15.24/hour ($31,701.28)
  • Take home car for officers (based on availability) who have completed training and live within 25 miles of headquarters. 
  •  Employees who work at least 10 years are vested in the county's retirement pension, in which Floyd County pays 100 percent of the defined benefit. 
  • Additional retirement options include Deferred Compensation plan (based on Sec. 457 of IRC) and Peace Officer Annuity and Benefit.
  • Paid vacation and sick time. 
  • Educational incentives for officers with secondary education: Associates and Bachelor degrees. 
  • Medical benefits are managed through our partner Garner & Glover Insurance, with access to dental and vision insurance, supplemental life insurance, accidental and cancer insurance. 

Other benefits can be found HERE


Application Process

Applications for employment can be found by visiting the Department of Human Resources for Floyd County. When you apply make sure you select "patrol officer" and "Floyd County Police Department." All applications are reviewed by the police department and invitations are emailed to candidates to discuss the process and review paperwork that is necessary for the background investigation.

Preference will be given to candidates who are P.O.S.T. mandated officers in the state of Georgia. 

Application and other Required Documents

  • Resume is not required but is accepted
  • High School Diploma, GED or high school equivalency diploma
  • Certified Copy of birth certificate, or proof of birth. 
  • Secondary identification, including: a valid copy of a Georgia driver license or one or more of the following documents: baptismal records, passport, citizenship papers 
  • Social security card
  • A driver's history for the past seven years (can be obtained from the Georgia Department of Driver Services)
  • Armed Forces discharge paperwork (DD214)
  • Court records for any name changes
  • Release of information for criminal history and driver history

Background Investigation

Each candidate will complete a questionnaire that will be used by the background investigator during examination. There will be questions about employment history, residential history as well as criminal history, driving history and any experiences with drugs. These questions will also be used during polygraph examination and should be answered truthfully. 

The investigator will also contact previous employers, friends and acquaintances as part of the background check.  

Physical Agility Test

Each candidate will complete the test in five minutes or less. The physical agility test consists of:

  • one lap (400 meters) around a track of a local football field
  • pull a 120 pound weighted dummy a distance of 10 yards
  • 6-foot jump
  • scale a 4-foot fence
  • climb and descend six steps
  • dry fire a large revolver in each hand (total 12 rounds)

Written Test

The Floyd County Police Department uses a standardized test that is purchased by the Department of Human Resources for Floyd County. The test consists of reading comprehension and tests the candidates observation and reasoning ability. The test is monitored by HR staff and results are submitted to the police department for ranking. 

Interview Panel

Candidates who have been successful in previous evaluations will present themselves to a panel of senior officers who represent our agency. Each candidate will answer the same battery of questions, plus any additional inquires that develop during the interview. Candidates are encouraged to dress in business attire and consider this to be the actual job interview. 

Polygraph Examination

Successful candidates will progress to the next stage of evaluation which is the polygraph examination. The Floyd County Police Department conducts its own examination at the police department using information collecting during all portions of the hiring process. Candidates are asked to be on time and will be given instructions at this stage of the process. 

Psychological Evaluation

This final round of examination is conducted by a licensed psychiatrist hired by the county police. Candidates will report to the doctor's office and submit to questioning to determine "fit for duty" status with the Floyd County Police Department. The background investigation, polygraph, application for employment and all documents are subject to inquiry during this portion of the assessment. 

Physical examination and drug test

Candidates will submit to physical examination by a physician at the Employee Wellness Center located at Redmond Family Practice on Shorter Avenue. Drug screen will also be conducted.  

Police Academy Entrance Exam

Non-certified candidates will be required to attend training with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center to be certified as a mandated peace officer. Before that application can be submitted the candidate will be required to successfully complete the Accuplacer test hosted by the Georgia Northwestern Technical College (1 Maurice Culberson Drive, Rome Ga 30161).  

What disqualifies me from employment?

  • Felony convictions, or significant misdemeanor convictions
  • Family violence conviction or related conviction that forbids possession of a firearm
  • Suspended license or no valid driver's license / Suspended license within 7 years of application
  • Previous Drug Use (marijuana: 3 years, other controlled substance: 7 years)
  • Any failure of one of the above evaluations