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 ECO Center Staff

Ben Winkelman


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 Ben has served as the Director of the ECO Center since 2013 and has seen the growth of the ECO Center from serving 600 students in 2011 to serving almost 10,000 students in 2017. Ben has a passion for educating children about wildlife and conservation, and uses his personal experience in restoring the whitetail deer population and the bald and golden eagle population as a teaching tool for students of all ages. 

Jason Hosford


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 Jason has served as a staff biologist at the the ECO Center since 2016. Jason is a graduate of the University of South Florida and has over eighteen years experience in both natural resource and captive wildlife management. prior to working with the ECO Center Jason was an Animal Care Specialist with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment and previously held positions as Environmental Scientist and Biologist respectively with the Florida Forest Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Jason coordinates the volunteer program at the ECO Center and has a strong interest in mentoring students interested in careers in the management of natural resources.  

Emma Wells

 Biologist / Education Coordinator                                                                         

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 Emma is the newest member of the ECO Center staff and started her position in June of 2017. Emma graduated from Berry College in 2016 with a B.S. in biology and four years of event planning experience. From August 2016 - May 2017, Emma served as a Naturalist at Barrier Island Environmental Education Center where she discovered a passion for natural resource education. Emma serves as an educator, event planner, marketer, and coordinator for the ECO Center, and she strives to spread the mission of the ECO Center to all members of the community.