Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

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Floyd County E-911

911 mission

Floyd E-911 provides communications for all public safety agencies in Floyd County as well as public works and emergency management volunteers during storms and disaster relief.

Our objective is to respond to all calls, regardless of circumstance, demeanor or nature of call. We will immediately route calls to the appropriate agency as immediate as possible.   

Calling 911?

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How many calls do we receive?

In 2019, the E-911 Center processed 192,980 calls and dispatched 172,850 calls for service. Some calls can be managed by the communications operator and there is no need to dispatch emergency services. 

Call Volume for Partner Agencies (2019)
Rome Police Department 53,914
Floyd County Police Department 46,877
Cave Spring Police Department 1,082
Rome Fire Department 6,556
Cave Spring Fire Department 485
Floyd EMS 13,797
Redmond Regional EMS 4,127
Floyd County Sheriff Office 38,103
Other 39,626