Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Code Enforcement

The ordinances of Floyd County and laws of Georgia provide for certain protections against nuisance violations that interfere with quality of life. Common complaints from the public are violations of burn ban, illegal dumping and derelict properties that have become a blight in the community. Optional enforcement can include mediation, arrest or citation through Floyd County Magistrate Court.

What laws apply?
Georgia burn ban regulations
Floyd County, nuisance and illegal dumping

The Floyd County Police Department has two investigators whose principle role is to respond to complaints from the public and assist other government agencies, such as Rome Fire Department and Building Inspector, in prosecution of these laws. 

Illegal dumping and neglected properties result in decreased property values and have been shown to attract criminal activity. Properties and neighborhoods that are not maintained give the impression that no one cares. This lack of improvement gives the criminal a psychological impression that no one cares, which is why we encourage communities to band together for improvement efforts before crime abounds and police intervention is required. 

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