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City of Rome

Cemetery Department

AngelWhat We Do

The City of Rome's Cemetery Department maintains a total of 99 acres in four historic cemeteries: Myrtle Hill Cemetery , Oak Hill Cemetery, Eastview Cemetery, and Oakland Cemetery, along with the newer Myrtle Hill Mausoleum (more below). 

Our office is locaed at 905 Kingston Avenue adjacent East View Cemetery.

The Cemetery Department offers the following services to the public:

  • Availability of grave plots
  • Costs and service fees
  • Grave marker requirements
  • Records information
  • Use of flowers
  • Vault requirements

Costs and Service Fees

Resident Cost - Per Plot

  • East View & Oakland: $895.00 to $1,155.00 
  • Myrtle Hill: $2,105.00 (per grave)
Non-Resident Cost - Per Plot
  • East View & Oakland: $1,340.00 to $1,715.00
  • Myrtle Hill: $3,125.00 (per grave)

Opening & Closing FeesMon.-Fri. $545.00 for residents and $765.00 for non-residents*

  • Saturday $735.00 for residents and $1110.00 for non-residents*
  • Sunday and Holidays $915.00 for residents and $1,420.00 for non-residents*
Above prices are for services between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm. Any grave service held after 3:30 pm incurs an additional minimum fee of $160.00 for residents and $215.00 for non-residents.

*In-City residency status of the purchaser at the time of grave purchase, or of the deceased, determined as appropriate.

At least $25 of each fee for interment and grave sale is deposited into the Maintenance Account for the long-term care of City cemeteries.

Costs and fees are subject to change.

Cemeteries in Our Care

Oak Hill

Oak Hill Cemetery

The Oak Hill Cemetery located on Riverside Drive was the first Cemetery established in Rome in 1837.  Once known as the "Old 7th Aveneue Cemetery" burials continued until 1857, when  Myrtle  Hill Cemetery was established. The City of Rome maintains this cemetery and it is open to the public. 

Myrtle Hill

Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Established in 1857, Myrtle Hill Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. With approximately 20,000 graves, it ws the second Cemetery established in Rome after Oak Hill Cemetery.

For more information about this historic cemetery, visit the links below:


Myrtle Hill Mausoleum

It's lovely open air chapel accomdates services for the mausoleum as well as the main cemetery. Completed in December 2013, the mausoleum at historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery is located on Branham Avenue overlooking the confluence of the Coosa, Etowah and Oostanaula Rivers.  

Oakland CemeteryOakland

Oakland Cemetery, located on Church Street in North Rome is adjacant to Eastview Cemetery. It was the first cemetery in the City

 established in 1868.


Eastview Cemetery

East View Cemetery is located at 725 Kingston Avenue and was established in 1911. When it was established by Dr. E.L. Bosworth, it was originally named East View Memorial Park.

Our Commitment to Preservation

In an effort to keep current on the latest preservations and historic cemetery management techniques, Cemetery Director Stan Rogers founded the Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association in 2008. This organization has flourished since then connecting municipal cemetery professionals throughout the state in an effort to increase awareness of issues unique to historic cemetery management . Today GMCA is going strong holding preservation workshops on Cemeteriy grounds, providing hands-on instruction to professionals and interested private individuals.