Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Board of Elections - Become a Poll Officer

Becoming a Poll Officer is a great way to serve your community and to learn more about the electoral process. If you are interested in applying to be considered to work at the polls or working during early and advance voting, please download and print the application below. Complete the application and mail to:

Floyd County Elections and Voter Registration
Floyd County Administrative Building
12 East 4th Avenue, Suite 20
Rome, GA 30161

Download the Rome / Floyd County Application to Become a Poll Officer
The completed application can be returned to either the Election's Office or the County Human Resources Office. This can be done via email or in person.

You can also apply with the Secretary Of State Office
Secretary Of State Poll Worker Application

Poll workers must be residents of Floyd County, eligible to vote, and at least 18 years of age. Mandatory training sessions are held prior to each election. Election Day compensation is based to position:

Poll Manager - Job Description
Poll Assistant Manager - Job Description
Poll Clerk I - Job Description

Elections Assistant Clerk I - Job Description

Elections Assistant Clerk II - Job Description

Elections Assistant Clerk III - Job Description

Veteran Poll Officer Program - Job Description

Mandatory training is required for poll officials. Training is conducted the month prior to each election. Poll Officer training videos can be viewed using the following link to training videos.