Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome Committees

Apply for a Citizen Board: Volunteers are the heart of so many organizations and the City of Rome has numerous volunteer opportunities that citizens are encouraged to serve on. From Alcohol Control to the Planning and Zoning Commission, there is a committee that needs your help.

To volunteer with the City of Rome, please fill out this application and return to the City Clerk.

Commission/Committee/Board Chair Recording Secretary Meeting Date Time Location* Members
City Commission Craig McDaniel (Mayor) Joe Smith 706-236-4460 2nd & 4th Monday Caucus-5:00pm

Sam King Room

Commission Chambers
Craig McDaniel (Mayor), Sundai Stevenson (Mayor Pro Tem), Jim Bojo, Mark Cochran, Wendy Davis, Jamie Doss, Randy Quick, Bonny Askew, Bill Collins 
Alcohol Control Commission Randy Quick Joe Smith 706-236-4460 3rd Monday 5:00pm Commission Chambers Commissioner Quick
Board of Adjustments Eric McDowell 3rd Wednesday 1:30pm Sam King Room Phil Burkhalter, Terry Williamson, Carol Hatch, Von Lambert, Eric McDowell, Jeff Williams
Community Development Bill Collins Bekki Fox 706-236-4477 2nd Tuesday
Even Months
8:30am Carnegie Training Room Commissioners Collins, Stevenson, Bojo
Tourism Lisa Smith 706-295-5184 4th Wednesday 11:45am Rome Area History Center Commissioner Doss 
Downtown Development Authority Bob Blumberg Aundi Lesley
2nd Thursday 8:30am Carnegie Training Room  Commissioner Quick, Elaine Abercrombie, Bryan Shealy, Megan Watters, Connie Sams, David Prusakowski
Finance Committee Sundai Stevenson Toni Rhinehart
3rd Wednesday 10:30am Sam King Room Commissioners Stevenson, Quick & Cochran
Fire Overview Committee 706-236-4400 2nd Tuesday
Quarterly, 2nd Month
10:30am Sam King Room Commissioners Askew & Stevenson (City);
Bagby & Hancock (County)
General Administration Committee  Jamie Doss Mark Green
4th Tuesday
Quarterly, 1st Month
11:00am Carnegie Training Room Commissioners Doss, Collins, Bojo
Information Technology Committee Johnny Bunch Lisa McClain 707-236-4446 Quarterly 1:00pm Sam King Room N/A
Joint City/County Development Oversight Committee Jalene Franks

1st Tuesday Quarterly, 2nd Month

10:00am Sam King Room Commissioners Bojo & Cochran (City);
Bagby & Watters (County)
Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful Bill Collins Emma Wells 706-236-4456 4th Monday, Odd Months 1:00pm Sam King Room Commissioner Collins
Land Bank Authority Roger Smith Bekki Fox
1st Friday 8:30am Carnegie Training Room
Pension Committee Jamie Doss Joe Smith
Bi-annual Immediately following General Administration Carnegie Training Room
Planning Commission Logan Boss Brice Wood 706-236-5025 1st Thursday 2:30pm Sam King Room Commissioner Quick (City),  Commissioner
Tom Bennett, Logan Boss, Frank Brown, Terry Jones, Steve Miller, Ivy Lowery, Charles Love, Anthony McClain, Ghee Wilson, Melissa Eldridge  
Public Safety Committee Askew Kim Stone
3rd Tuesday
Bi-Monthly Odd Months
2:00pm Sam King Room Commissioners Askew, Quick, Cochran
Public Works/Traffic/Transit Committee Mark Cochran Margaret Hollingsworth 706-236-4466 2nd Wednesday 10:00am Sam King Room Commissioners Cochran, Collins & Askew
Redevelopment Committee Wendy Davis Kelley Parker
4th Wednesday as needed 2:30pm Sam King Room Commissioners Davis, Bojo & Quick
Solid Waste Commission Mark Cochran Margaret Hollingsworth 706-236-4466 4th Tuesday Bi-Monthly
Odd Months
8:30 am Sam King Room Commissioners Cochran & Askew (City);
Maxey & Watters (County)
Tree Board Hal Ruland Emma Wells
3rd Wednesday 2:00pm Sam King Room N/A
Water & Sewer Committee Jim Bojo Mike Hackett  706-236-4563 1st Thursday 8:30am Sam King Room Commissioners Bojo, Stevenson & Davis