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Clarification of New Personal Transportation Vehicle Ordinance

PTV Downtown Map of Authorized Streets The City of Rome would like to provide clarification on the new Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) Ordinance, which allows PTVs on city streets so that the general public is aware of the law’s requirements.

A PTV is defined as any motor vehicle with a minimum of four wheels; capable of a maximum ground speed of less than 20 miles per hour; a maximum gross vehicle weight of 1,375 pounds and capable of transporting not more than eight persons. The term does not include mobility aids including power wheelchairs and scooters or all-terrain vehicles.

PTVs are authorized on public roadways of the City of Rome that has a posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less and is designated by the Rome City Commission as an authorized street. The ordinance only applies to streets within the Rome city limits.

Before any PTV may be operated over an authorized street or parking area of the City of Rome, it must be registered and permitted by the Rome Police Department. If the PTV is compliant with local and State law, then a decal shall be issued signifying its registration.

Permits may be purchased at the Rome Police Department located at 5 Government Plaza, Rome, GA 30161. For questions on the new PTV ordinance, please contact the Rome Police Department at 706-238-5111.

View Map of Downtown Rome Authorized Streets for PTV