Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA


Rome Police Department
City of Rome


Notification of City Codes Concerning Cemeteries

The City of Rome would like to remind the public of Rome City Codes concerning cemeteries, particularly at Myrtle Hill Cemetery for general public safety and respect for the cemetery grounds. Local police have recently been called to respond to an increase in code violations at cemeteries, and would like the community to be aware of the local laws.

City cemeteries are open to visitors a half-hour after sunrise and close a half-hour before sundown. Refreshments are prohibited within cemeteries, unless authorized by the sexton. Loitering is also prohibited. When accessing cemetery grounds, visitors are permitted only on avenues, walks, alleys and roads. Additionally visitors are not permitted to walk, drive or ride upon the lots, plots and spaces.

The speed limit for motor vehicles inside the cemetery is 10 miles per hour. Vehicles must always keep to the right hand side of the cemetery and are not allowed to park or come to a full stop in front of an open grave, except when in attendance at a funeral. Off road recreational vehicles are not allowed in city cemeteries.

The popularity of the Pokémon game is attributed to the increase in cemetery visits and code violations. “The City of Rome Police Department wants the public to have fun and to enjoy exploring the town. However, we want everyone to be aware of and adhere to the city codes that were created for both public safety as well as for the preservation and respect of our historic sights and cemeteries,” said Debbie Burnett, Assistant Chief of Rome City Police Department.

For questions on these or any city codes, please contact the Rome Police Department at 706-238-5111.

City of Rome Code Concerning Cemeteries:

Sec. 6-51. - Visitation hours; loitering in cemeteries.
• (a) City cemeteries shall be open for visitation during the following hours, unless otherwise posted: Between one-half hour after sunup and one-half hour before sundown.
(b) Loitering in city cemeteries is prohibited. The presence of any person in any of such cemeteries during prohibited hours shall be prima facie evidence of loitering.
(Ord. No. 82-4-1, § 1, 4-7-82; Code 1981, § 5-3054)
• Sec. 6-52. - Refreshments prohibited within cemeteries; exception.
• No person shall have refreshments within any cemetery except as authorized by the sexton.
(Ord. No. 82-4-1, § 1, 4-7-82; Code 1981, § 5-3055)
• Sec. 6-53. - Persons within grounds to use only avenues, walks, alleys and roads.
• Persons within the cemetery grounds shall use only the avenues, walks, alleys and roads and shall not walk, drive or ride upon the lots, plots and spaces.
(Ord. No. 82-4-1, § 1, 4-7-82; Code 1981, § 5-3056)
• Sec. 6-54. - Motor vehicles regulated.
Motor vehicles shall not be driven through the cemetery grounds at a greater speed than ten miles per hour, and must always be kept on the right hand side of the cemetery roadway. Motor vehicles are not allowed to park or to come to a full stop in front of an open grave unless such motor vehicles are in attendance at the funeral. No off road recreational vehicles shall be allowed in city cemeteries.