Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

New Pedestrian Crosswalk


New Pedestrian Crosswalk from kristi on Vimeo.

The City of Rome has installed a new crosswalk on Redmond Road between Redmond Hospital and the Harbin Clinic Cardiovascular Clinic. Unlike most crosswalks it is not located where there is a traffic signal. Instead, it has pedestrian actuated LED lights embedded in the pavement and surrounding the warning signs that illuminate when a pedestrian enters the crosswalk area. 

The new crosswalk between Redmond Regional Medical Center and the Harbin Cardiovascular Center provides improved safety for pedestrians crossing Redmond Road. It is equipped with in-pavement flashing LED’s and illuminated crossing signs to alert motorists to pedestrians in the crosswalk area. The flashing lights are automatically triggered to operate when a pedestrian passes between the bollards on the approach to the crosswalk or when the pedestrian pushes the pole mounted button. The flashing LED’s provide enhanced attention in comparison to a crosswalk with warning signs only. While the law requires motorists to stop and yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk all pedestrians should be mindful of their own safety and be fully aware of traffic conditions before entering the crosswalk. While the LED’s will come ‘On’ instantaneously, motorists cannot stop instantaneously so pedestrians must use judgement about walking into the path of approaching vehicles that have not slowed or come to a stop. BE SMART, BE ALERT, BE SAFE!