Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome Solid Waste Leaf Collections Service Reminder


By Donnie Barrett

 leaf collectionThe City of Rome Solid Waste Collections is gearing up for leaf collection service and would like to remind city residents what to expect and how they can help ensure public safety and ease of service.

For general public safety, city residents should not block traffic lanes and sidewalks with leaf placement. The leaf vacuum only has the capacity to pick-up leaves; therefore limbs, sticks, dirt, trash and brush should not be included with leaf placement. The public should be aware that leaf vacuums are loud and can produce large dust clouds; this is normal for this type equipment.

The weather affects leaf removal and removal time. Frozen and wet leaves are challenging to the vacuum equipment and increases time needed for removal.

For questions on where to place leaves or to identify current work locations before leaf placement, contact City of Rome Solid Waste at 706-236-4580.

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