Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome Releases Results of Public Smoking Survey


By Kristi Kent

The City of Rome recently completed a public survey as part of efforts to review Rome’s smoke-free ordinance. The city would like to share the results of the survey with the public to keep the community engaged in the review process.

The goal of the recent smoking survey was to gain insight into public awareness of the current City of Rome smoking ordinance and garner public interest on a more restrictive smoking ordinance. There were 1,290 responses to the public survey.

To offer complete transparency, the full results of the survey are available. The survey allowed for the public to share comments openly; please consider that the comments have not been filtered, including for language.

View survey results

The city is currently reviewing the data and will continue to keep the public involved as we review our smoke-free ordinance.

For questions about the survey, please contact the Office of Downtown Development at 706-236-4520 or email

The City of Rome takes pride in a heritage of prosperity, and a future focused on providing the community with outstanding services for citizens and for those visiting Rome. The city values strong employment, leading education, public safety, supportive culture, and community recreation. Rome welcomes residents and visitors year-round to enjoy activities in the heart of the community, including the Forum and downtown.

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