Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Animal Control

The Floyd County Animal Control Department controls
the stray population of Floyd County by code enforcement,
capture of strays, and education of citizens.
We also strive to provide comfortable temporary shelter
for those animals while continuously using resources to place unwanted animals by adoption or rescue.


Floyd County Animal Control Department is responsible for all animal control operations, including Field Operations; Shelter Management and Care, and the animal adoption/rescue program for Floyd County Animal Control. Our goal is to provide quality customer service in all phases of animal control operations and quality care for all animals in Floyd County.


Floyd County Animal Control Department strives:

  • To provide services which aid in containing free-roaming animals to prevent human injuries and the spread of diseases.
  • To provide services which help prevent animals from becoming nuisances to the community or a burden to its citizens.
  • To provide a physical facility which will house lost unwanted and neglected animals in a humane manner.
  • To provide health care services to those animals housed to prevent suffering.
  • To provide comprehensive and responsible adoption/rescue programs.
  • To provide unwanted, sick or injured animals with humane euthanasia, according them dignity and respect during that act.
  • To strive to improve performance through education and dedication to our mission.
  • To create public information and education programs, which will assist the members of this community to become more responsible pet owners.

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