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Planning and Zoning

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Planning Department

The Rome-Floyd County Planning Department serves as the staff of the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. The Department provides citizens, developers, realtors, and other staff persons with information relating to land use and development; carries out long range comprehensive planning activities, and implement zonings and land use standards that are described in the Unified Land Development Code for Floyd County and the City of Rome. The Planning Department also administers the county-wide Geographic Information System (GIS), Transportation Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation. 


Rome-Floyd County Comprehensive Plan

The Rome-Floyd County Comprehensive Plan is a guide to ongoing growth and development occurring in the City and the County. The Comprehensive Plan identifies goals for the City and County, establishes policies to be used in making decisions, identifies what development types are appropriate in specific areas of the City and County, and proposes implementation strategies for the City and County to use to achieve its goals.  The Comprehensive Plan received final approval on April 8 and is now the adopted Comprehensive Plan for Rome, Floyd County, and Cave Spring.



The Population Estimates Program of the U.S. Census Bureau publishes total resident population estimates and demographic components of change (births, deaths, and migration) each year. The Census Bureau publishes the estimates by demographic characteristics (age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin) for the nation, states and counties. The reference date for estimates is July 1 of each year. Estimates usually are for the present and the past, while projections are estimates of the population for future dates. The estimated total population of Floyd County for the year 2006 was 95,322 persons, with 1,010 living in Cave Spring and 36,142 living in the City of Rome. To search the Population Estimates Program databases please visit the website of the United States Census Bureau.

Unified Land Development Code

Initially adoption by Floyd County and the City of Rome in August 2001, the Unified Land Development Code regulates the use of land, the location and use of buildings and other site improvements, and the construction of public facilities and private improvements related to the development of land in each jurisdiction.





              Zoning Application

              Board of Appeals Application

              Annexation Application



Local Transportation Planning

Floyd County and the City of Rome initiated a transportation planning process in 1969.  However, the process was not subject to federal regulations until 1983, when the area was designated as an urbanized area following release of the 1980 Census data. At this time the Floyd-Rome Urban Transportation Study (FRUTS) was organized to predict and plan for future transportation needs.  Following the release of population figures from the 2000 Census, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) staff recommended that the boundaries of the FRUTS area be expanded to include all of the land within Floyd County, including the City of Cave Spring.  Expansion of the FRUTS boundaries was approved by the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) in 2003.  Since 1983, the Rome – Floyd County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has participated in the “3C” (continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive) planning process, established by the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962.

Although no Interstate highway lies within the FRUTS area, two federal, and eight state highway routes and numerous local streets/roads traverse the county. Additionally, Floyd County and the City of Rome are located within the geographic triangle formed by I-75, I-20 and I-59, which connects Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Access to these Interstate highways from Floyd County is provided by U.S. highways 27 and 411 and Georgia Highways 20, 53 and 140. U.S. Highway 27, which serves as northwest Georgia’s Governor's Road Improvement Program (GRIP) corridor, was recently widened to four lanes throughout Floyd County. The GRIP system was initiated by a resolution of the state legislature and the Governor to connect 95% of the state's cities (with a population of 2,500 or more) to the Eisenhower Interstate System. When completed, the GRIP system will ensure that 98% of all areas within the state will be within 20 miles of a four-lane road.


Floyd-Rome Urban Transportation Study (FRUTS)

Organizationally, the FRUTS structure consists of three committees. These are the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC), the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC), and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  The agency responsible for the FRUTS planning process is the Rome-Floyd County Planning Department, which is the designated MPO. Technical support is provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation, particularly the Office of Planning and the Office of Intermodal Programs. Oversight of the process is provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).


Transportation Policy Committee (TPC)

The membership of the TPC is comprised of elected officials and managers of the local governing bodies, representative members of the CAC and the Rome-Floyd Planning Commission, and representatives of the GDOT. The TPC sets priorities for maintenance, improvement and expansion of the overall, multi-modal transportation network; and makes final decisions on transportation planning, policy and programming.


Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)

The TCC is comprised of staff from the local governing bodies, the GDOT, and the FHWA. The duties of the TCC are technical in nature, and include reviewing projects and making recommendations to the TPC.


Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC is a citizens group that reviews projects from the citizens’ point of view and makes recommendations to the TPC. Members of this committee also assist MPO staff with public events.


Link to all Planning/Transportation documents. 

Rezoning Applications for 2013

2015 UPWP

GDOT Title VI Plan for Public Comment

Title VI Notice and Procedure Form 



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