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Land Bank Authority


Creation and Purpose
In Rome and Floyd County, there are properties which are non-revenue generating, vacant and dilapidated; and these properties contribute to the blight and deterioration of the community and constitute an economic burden to the community.
The General Assembly of Georgia, recognizing the magnitude of the problem state-wide, enacted laws to permit cities and counties to establish Land Bank Authorities. 
The City of Rome and Floyd County felt that such an authority would be beneficial to the citizens, and established the Rome-Floyd Land Bank Authority in 2008.
One of the main purposes of the Rome-Floyd Land Bank Authority is to acquire tax delinquent properties from the City and County in order to foster the public purpose of returning property which is in a nonrevenue-generating, nontax-producing status to an effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry and jobs for citizens of the county and community.
The Authority is governed by a Board composed of four (4) Members: two members appointed by the Rome City Commission and two members appointed by the Floyd County Board of Commissioners. Each member serves at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority for a term of four (4) years and serves without compensation. The members shall be residents of Floyd County and may be employees of either the City or the County. 
The Board of the Authority meets from time to time, and the presence of three (3) members constitutes a quorum. Approval by a majority of the membership is necessary for any action to be taken by the Authority. All meetings are open to the public, except as otherwise provided in Chapter 14 of Title 50 of Official Code of Georgia Annotated, and a written record is maintained of all meetings. A chairperson is elected annually from among the members, and he or she executes all deeds, leases and contracts of the Authority when authorized by the Board.
For a copy of the Rome-Floyd Land Bank Authority policies and procedures, please click here.