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Adopt-A-Stream Program

Adopt-A-Stream combines the efforts of public and private communities in hopes of improving and protecting water quality. Adopt-A-Stream programs increase public awareness of local water resources and build partnerships to protect our most precious resource- WATER.

Adopt-A-Stream volunteers adopt a section of stream, river, lake, or wetland for at least one year. The volunteers conduct regular visual surveys, clean ups, and water quality monitoring tests. Advanced groups conduct
streambank restoration work and habitat enhancement projects.


You Can Make A Difference

Floyd County’s water quality is greatly threatened by runoff from industry, agriculture, and day-to-day life. Through the Adopt-A-Stream program, you can have a positive impact on your environment! The Rome/Floyd County Adopt-A-Stream program needs individuals, families, school groups, civic clubs, and businesses to monitor water quality- anyone can be involved in the effort to keep Georgia’s water beautiful!

Get Started

Attend a Getting To Know Your Watershed and a Chemical Stream Monitoring workshop sponsored by Georgia Adopt-A-Stream and then locate the stream, wetland, or lake you would like to monitor.

 Once trained, you will use the following monitoring methods:

Visual Stream Survey
: Conduct a physical evaluation of stream conditions by observing for pollutants and habitat damage. Conducted quarterly.

Chemical Monitoring: Test for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity to evaluate whether the stream is suitable for habitation and to test for pollutants. Conducted once a month.

Biological Monitoring: Take an inventory of the macroinvertebrates in the stream to give an indication of the overall health of the stream. Conducted quarterly.

Bacterial Monitoring: Collect water samples to test for E. coli bacteria, which is an indicator of a potential health hazard associated with polluted water. Conducted once a month.

If you would like to volunteer at the ECO Center please dowload this application. Fill it out and follow the directions to return it. Thanks!


Eric Lindberg, Director

Ph: 706 / 236-5025

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM