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Criminal Investigations Division (CID)


The Criminal Investigations Division consists of seven investigators, one crime scene technician/evidence custodian, one secretary, one case file clerk, one GCIC Technician, and is supervised by a Captain and a Lieutenant. 

One of the investigators is a Juvenile Officer. Two members of the division are also polygraph examiners.
The division is charged with following up on unsolved crimes and long-term investigations of crimes against persons and crimes against property.
Crimes against Persons are homicides, assaults, sexual assaults, kidnapping, robberies, child abuse and child molestations.
Crimes against Property are thefts, burglaries, frauds, forgeries, motor vehicle thefts, identity frauds and arsons.
The division is also responsible for investigating pawn shop and alcohol violations.
The goal of the CID is to provide quality service to the victims of crimes and to follow all leads in an effort to clear their cases.