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Rome Police Department Contact Us Information
General Information   Telephone  
Rome Police Department   706-238-5111  
Crime Line  (Tip Line)   706-236-5000   
Open Records Requests   706-238-5143  
Alcohol and Taxi ID Information   706-238-5179  
Command Staff      
Chief of Police   706-238-5101  
Deputy Chief of Police   706-238-5103  
Support Services Major   706-238-5104  
Field Operations Major   706-238-5105  
Training Division      
Training Center   706-236-2399  
Criminal Investigations Division (CID)      
Criminal Investigations Division (Captain)   706-238-5121  
Criminal Investigations Division (Lieutenant)   706-238-5122  
Selective Enforcement Unit      
Selective Enforcement Unit (Lieutenant)  


Selective Enforcement Unit (Sergeant)  


Patrol Division      
Patrol Division (Captain)   706-238-5133   
Patrol Division (Lieutenant)   706-238-5134  
Patrol Division (Sergeant)   706-238-5135  
Records and Municipal Court      
Records Division   706-238-5152  
Rome Municipal Court   706-238-5150  
Metro Drug Task Force      
Rome/ Floyd Metro Drug Task Force   706-238-5160