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Superior County Law Library

The County Law Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Courthouse and is open during normal business hours. Four public access terminals and a printer are available for public use. A coin operated self-service copy machine is also available. The following publications are available via electronic research:


US Reports
Supreme Court Reporter
Federal Reporter 1F to 200 F2d
Federal Reporter 201 F2d to 700 F2d
Federal Reporter 701 F2d to 124 F3d
Federal Supplement 1FS to 700FS
Federal Supplement 701 FS to 973 FS


GA 1
GA 2

Law Desk:

ALR 3d-Index
ALR 4th & 5th
AM JUR Pleading and Practice Forms
Lawyers Editions 2d Series (Supreme Court Cases from 1945, Annotated)

Other publications (though not a complete list) in the library include:

Georgia, Virginia, Mercer and Harvard Law Review
Southern and Southeastern Reporter
Emory Law Journal
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Fulton Daily Report