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Clerk of Court, Superior Court

 Official Website for Clerk of Superior Court

Mission Statement

The Floyd County Clerk's office is committed to providing and delivering excellent service in filing, and recording and preserving of records as mandated by Georgia law.

 Our purpose is: A) to maintain the highest standard of service by ensuring the perpetuity of records for the public and: B) faithfully and accurately perform the duties of this office as directed by the Georgia Code.

Responsibilities of the Clerk

 The office of Superior Court performs a varied range of record keeping, information management and financial management functions in the judicial system. This office provides court support to each of our four superior court judges. Generally, the Clerk's responsibilities as mandated by the Georgia State Code are as follows:

  • To File, record and index all documents related to real estate and personal property transactions in the county.
  • To file and maintain criminal and civil dockets as well as dockets on domestic suits.
  • To attend to the needs of the court in the performance of the duties of the clerk.
  • To keep in the Clerk's office all documents, records and all other matters required by the Georgia Codes; and
  •  To perform all other duties required by Georgia Law.

 Thank you for visiting the Clerk of Floyd County Superior Court's website. Should you have questions or concerns regarding a civil or criminal case or about real estate in Floyd County, please refer to the menu options on the left of this screen or call the Clerk's office at 706/291-5190. Our office hours are 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.


 Real Estate Record Room

  This Division is responsible for indexing real estate and non real estate documents filed with the Clerk of Superior Court.  The recording fees, transfer tax and intangible tax are collected at the time of filing the documents.  After recording and processing the documents, the original documents are returned by mail.     


3 Government Plaza, Suite 101

Rome, GA 30161


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