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You may apply for current job openings as listed below. An application is required for each position for which you apply. Applications may be completed on-line or printed and mailed to the address indicated in the job announcement.

On-line applications will serve as originals and need not be followed up with a printed application. RESUMES ARE ACCEPTED ONLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY A CITY OF ROME  OR FLOYD COUNTY EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION. You may request a full job description for current openings from the Human Resources Department.

City of Rome Human Resources Department
607 Broad Street, Suite 100, P.O. Box 1433, Rome, GA 30162-1433
Phone: 706/236-4450  Fax: 706/236-4465. We are located on the first floor of the Carnegie Building. 

Floyd County Board of Commissioners Human Resources Department 
12  East 4th Avenue, Suite 102, P.O. Box 946, Rome, GA 30161 
Phone: (706)-291-5156  Fax:  (706)-233-0014

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Job Announcements
Job Announcements
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Job Title: Water Maintenance Worker II  Click here for MORE INFO
Status: Open
Closes: 10/31/2014
Owner: Floyd County
Type: Water and Sewer
Description: The purpose of this classification is to operate equipment and perform manual work functions associated with construction, repair, and maintenance of the County water system.
Performs manual work functions associated with water system construction, maintenance and repair; repairs pipeline breaks and leaks; conducts water taps; repairs and services fire hydrants; pours concrete; installs pipe; installs and repairs water meters; repairs meter leaks; reads meters; replaces meter boxes; digs holes or trenches; shovels materials; lifts and moves heavy materials; cuts grass. Transports, loads and unloads various equipment and materials used in assigned projects. Performs general maintenance tasks necessary to keep machinery, equipment and tools in good working condition; inspects equipment; checks fluid levels; replaces fluids; greases equipment; washes and cleans equipment; cleans shop and work areas; monitors equipment operations to maintain efficiency and safety; reports faulty equipment.
Health/ Major Medical (County pays between $4,671.96 - $15,163.32 annual cost of medical insurance.)
- Dental (County pays $87.60 annual cost of dental insurance.)
- Long-term Disability (County pays $2.52 - $181.44 annual cost of premium.)
- Retirement (Defined Benefit Pension Plan. All contributions made by County)
- Paid Holidays ( 9 per year)
- Paid Vacation-annually: (48 - 168 vacation hours annually depending on years of service.)
- Paid Sick Leave (96 hours / year. May only be used according to county policy.)
- INCENTIVE PAY: Certified Public Safety Employees are provided up to $1,500 additional compensation per year for
completion of approved coursework from a regionally accredited college or university.
- LONGEVITY PAY: Pays 1, 2, or 3 percent of salary plus $50 per year depending on years of service.
Job Title: Police Officer  Click here for MORE INFO
Status: Closed
Closes: 6/29/2012
Owner: Rome City
Type: Law Enforcement
Description: Successful candidates must be able to complete basic peace officer certification

Status: Open
Closes: 10/20/2014
Owner: Floyd County
Type: Miscellaneous
Description: Responsible for the production and coordination of all agency communication efforts including marketing, promotions and visibility of facilities, programs and other general services provided to local residents. Enhance ongoing programs by maintaining a vibrant and user friendly website that communicates the diverse public recreation opportunities available. Assist all program staff with promotional campaigns. Work is preformed under the supervision of the Executive Director.Establish and maintain a liaison role between agency personnel and all available media outlets.Produce and maintain a master calendar of all events, programs and services available to the general public through the Authority.Plan, develop, and implement an ongoing Public Relations and Marketing campaign.Design and produce all promotional materials.Maintain up to date photography and video files.
Create, maintain and market agency website.
Job Title: Firefighter  Click here for MORE INFO
Status: Open
Closes: 10/31/2014
Owner: Rome City
Type: Fire Department
Description: This position is responsible for protecting lives and property endangered by fire and other emergency situations such as hazardous materials leaks, etc. Suppresses fires utilizing firefighting techniques such as nozzle operation, directing fire stream, and building ventilation. Responds to other emergency situations using specialized techniques as required by the emergency and as directed by the supervisor. Participates in pre-fire plan surveys and preventive maintenance on fire equipment and apparatus. Participates in various training activities as required by departmental and state requirements. Administers first aid and CPR as required. Performs routine housekeeping and maintenance activities as assigned. Perform the duties of Sergeant in his/her absence. Performs salvage and overhaul operations. Perform dispatch duties when necessary. Essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related duties as assigned.
Job Title: Director of Communications  Click here for MORE INFO
Status: Open
Closes: 10/3/2014
Owner: Rome City
Type: Tourism
Description: This position is responsible for disseminating public information through various media outlets on behalf of the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City of Rome. Work involves coordinating with the Executive Director and City Manager and their designated staff members. Duties include development of branding and collateral, web site design and maintenance, social media and design, coordinating marketing and advertising, building photography files, videos, developing publications and fulfilling media request. This position is responsible for managing a team of marketing professionals all sharing the same goals. Must possess the ability to multi task and work under multiple deadlines. Ability to work flexible, weekend and holiday hours. Essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related duties as assigned.