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City of Rome Organization

 Rome City Commission and Staff
Kim Canada, Sue Lee, Bill Collins, Wendy Davis, Bill Irmscher, Buzz Wachsteter, Evie McNiece, Sammy Rich, City Manager, Andy Davis, City Attorney
Joe Smith, City Clerk, Jamie Doss, Mayor, John Bennett, City Manager (Retired), Milton Slack III, Mayor Pro-Tem




The City of Rome operates with a commission-manager form of government and has operated under this form of government since 1918. The City Commission, which is a policy- making body, has nine commissioners residing in three different wards. The present commission is as follows:


 Ward 1                                                  Ward 2                                           Ward 3 


 Bill Irmscher                                        Jamie Doss - Mayor           (Mr.) Kim Canada  
 Milton O. Slack III Mayor Pro-Tem        Sue Lee                                           Bill Collins
 Buzz Wachsteter                                 Wendy Davis                                 Evie McNiece 


Council Members Information         


The City election process has the following features:


At-Large voting is used, which means that every voter votes for all commissioners, three in each ward.

Election winners are selected by plurality voting, which means that the top three vote getters from each wins. No majority is required.

Elections are non-partisan.

Commissioners serve staggered four year terms with Wards 1 and 3 elected together and Ward 2 elected two years later.

City Commission elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.




The City Commission makes all policy decisions, adopts City Ordinances, and has final authority on zoning issues and annexations. They appoint the City Manager who works at their discretion.

The Commission has nine overview committees with three Commissioners serving on each committee and each Commissioner serves as chairman of at least one committee.

The City Manager advises the City Commission on policy issues and appoints all department directors. In addition, he prepares the Commission agenda, prepares the annual budget for approval by Commission, directs City staff in policy implementation, and hears final appeal in personnel grievances.


2014 Committee Appointments